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Scoutmaster Podcast 335 | The Opportunity Business

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Podcast 334 – Do Parents Understand Scouting?

How well do Parents understand Scouting? Should we expect them to? Most of us didn't understand it either for our first two or three laps around the track. There’s an understanding that comes with having things explained, and an understanding that comes from experience – two entirely different things. This week I'll discuss how authentic Scouting provides opportunities that most children … [Read More...]

Impressive Chart of Scouting Knots from 1925

In 1925 the Columbian Rope Company published a brochure with images of impressive displays of Scouting knots to advertise their tape marked pure manilla rope. Two images feature a large knot board made by Troop 4 of Columbus Ohio. I wonder if that knot board is still around? Artful knot boards pictured in the brochure feature some practical Scouting knots. The brochure unfolds to a center … [Read More...]

Scoutmaster Podcast 333 Scout Parents

Do you have quarterly Scout parent meetings? I'll answer an email question about parent's meetings in this podcast. On our quarterly Scout parent meetings that include a court of honor. Everyone arrives at about 7PM, the Scouts go outside to play a game and the committee chair and whomever needs to (depending on what is going on, if there’s a fundraiser it may be the person running that) talk to … [Read More...]

Scoutmaster Podcast 332 – Shared Expectations

It is our responsibility to assure there’s a shared expectation... ... and our Scouts understand them. Scout aged children are not going to interpret gentle reminders, they'd prefer to have to have things clearly spelled out. They are literalists, they don’t take hints. You can be direct without being unpleasant. There has to be continual engagement and evaluation. Positions of responsibility … [Read More...]

Rules and Scouting Ideals – Podcast 331

We aren't working to control the conduct of young people. We have a greater challenge; to form their character as defined in the Scout oath and law. Are the Scouting ideals in the Scout oath and law a code of conduct? Is it an ideology? Is it a religious text? No, it is none of these things. The Scout oath and law are ideas that have defined positive, contributing, individual character … [Read More...]