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Podcast 367- Developing Youth Leadership

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Podcast 366 – Scout Advancement

How does Scout advancement achieve the main aim of Scouting? Todays talk about advancement continues our foundations series. I've written extensively in detail about many aspects of Scout advancement, but this is different. In this podcast I ask how Scout advancement fits into the overall game of Scouting. You'll hear me read from Baden-Powell's Aids to Scoutmastership - If once we make … [Read More...]

Podcast 365 – Patrol System or Method?

What's the difference between Patrol system and Patrol method? I have never found any actual difference between those terms in Scouting literature, but I will share acouple of thoughts to differentiate between patrol system and patrol method in a way you may find helpful. Over the next three podcasts we'll continue our foundations series by examining three main things about Scouting: Patrol … [Read More...]

Podcast 364 – Playing the Scouting Game

Some aspects of the Scouting game look like flaws... ... but they are features we must not alter. Games restrict or constrain play through rules, the laws of physics, or human limitations and Scouting is no exception. We Scouters often expend  lot of effort trying to fix things that don't need to be fixed, or smooth over things that are intentionally challenging. When you get to know the … [Read More...]

Podcast 363 – Scouts as Players

Thinking of Scouts as players ... ... fills out the analogy of Scouting as a game. Players volunteer to participate in the game. The most important volunteers in Scouting have more power and influence than the highest official. Without their participation, Scouting would come to a complete halt. They bring endless energy, resources, and real transformational power to their role. They are the only … [Read More...]

Podcast 362 – Scouters as Coaches

Thinking of Scouters as coaches ... ... can help us understand our role in the game. These are just analogies - we aren't actually coaches, and Scouting isn't actually a game.  Analogies are not exact copies, they only resemble what they represent. What a Scouter does may be similar to coaching, but Scouters hold an unique role in a young person’s life. We are part parent, part coach, part … [Read More...]