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A New Approach to Scout Troop Planning

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Podcast 359 – A Tale of Two Scout Troops

Imagine two Scout troops, troop A and troop B. Both troops have “average” Scouts (whatever that means) who do what average Scouts do. Both have a well defined procedural approach to discipline and misbehavior. Troop A publishes a guide that defines the rules, how they are enforced, and penalties for breaking them. Troop B has no written rules, so they don't have any measures for policing … [Read More...]

Scoutmaster Podcast 358 – Scout Advancement Judgement calls

Scout advancement is not adults judging Scouts... ... it’s Scouts meeting requirements with the support of adult volunteers – in Scout advancement we are all on the same side. We did not write the requirements. We don’t personally embroider patches to present to them. It’s tiresome and self-defeating to devise our own hoops for Scouts to jump through or impose our judgement on Scouts.  Most … [Read More...]

Scoutmaster Podcast 357 Kevin Callan and Winter Camping

Kevin Callan is here, it's time to go winter camping! Canada’s Happy Camper, our friend Kevin Callan, author of the new Complete Guide to Winter Camping joins us on this podcast with his welcoming way of sharing his knowledge of the woods in winter. You'll see right away how Kevin has earned the name "happy camper", he's a passionate, devoted outdoorsman. Whether it's your first or 101st … [Read More...]

Choosing Appalachian Trail Gear

Here's some advice from Wade Bastian on the Appalachian trail gear he carried on his hike. Wade set out on the 2200 mile trail with fellow Eagle Scout Bucky Kellorg in February. As planned, Wade interrupted his hike to spend the summer employed as a peak steward in New York's Adirondack mountains (he's stewarding a peak in the photo above). Bucky completed the trail in July, here he is on … [Read More...]

Scoutmaster Podcast 356 Energy and Vision

Expertise and experience are overrated Scouts need Scouters with energy and vision more than Scouters with expertise and experience. Scouts don’t care what you know, they respond to who you are. In this podcast I answer three email questions. The first (begins at 1:05) comes from a new Scouter contemplating becoming a Scoutmaster, but is concerned they are inexperienced. I was a very … [Read More...]