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Scoutmaster Podcast 342 – Recruiting Scouts

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Scoutmaster Podcast 341 – Leadership, Asking, and Telling

Telling has limited usefulness in developing youth leadership ... ... asking is what really gets things moving along. This week I'll explain how to ask questions in exchange for offering advice or telling Scouts how to do things. This is a powerful tool to get them doing the kind of thinking that fosters leadership development. If you are looking for problems you'll see problems, if you are … [Read More...]

Scoutmaster Podcast 340 – On the Appalachian Trail Again

Another visit with two Eagle Scouts on the Appalachian Trail ... We visit, once again, with Bucky Kellorg and Wade Bastian as they make their way north along the Appalachian Trail. We'll see how things are going , talk about gear, and see if they have trail names yet. The picture above, Wade on the left and Bucky on the right, is from 12 years ago with the troop at summer camp. Listen, too, to … [Read More...]

Scoutmaster Podcast 339 – Service Rank Requirements

Service Rank Requirements are one thing... .. but helping other people at all times is a key concept we hope to build into our Scouts lives. To make that happen we have to look beyond the requirements. Scouts discovering what service means, and the service they perform, are both vitally important building blocks in the Scouting journey. We ought to have perennial unit service opportunities on … [Read More...]

Eagles on the Appalachian Trail – Podcast 338

This should be fun! This week there's no deep dive into policies, no procedural advice or philosophizing, just a conversation with two of my old Eagle Scouts who headed out for a hike last week. Bucky Kellorg and Wade Bastian join me from their "zero day" about fifty miles into a 2000 mile quest to reach the end of the Appalachian trail on Mt. Katahdin in Maine. Hear an unvarnished account of … [Read More...]

Inspiring Canoe Videos

Take a little time to watch these two inspiring canoe videos, it's worth it. "The Canoe" features footage of Algonquin Provincial Park where we go for our Venture Crew's annual canoe trips. There's a segment on building a birch bark canoe, so I just had to add the second film to this post. Filmed in the early 1970's "Cesar's Bark Canoe" features what bushcraft guru Ray Mears calls the epitome … [Read More...]